Settlement DAO
An Introduction to the Settlement DAO
The Binary Options Settlement Protocol ("BIOPset") is governed by the Settlement DAO.

Governance Overview

The Settlement DAO governs through a liquid democracy of BIOP token holders.
Governors vote on formalized initiatives that bubble up from community discussions on Discord to the BIOPset forum. Formalized initiatives are put to a vote on BIOPset Snapshot Page.

Governance Process

The governance process of the Settlement DAO is outlined below:


Ideas for improving BIOPset are discussed in Discord.


Meritorious ideas are then outlined in official proposals in the BIOPset forum.


After discussion has been exhausted via the forum, holders of the BIOP Governance Token may then vote on the official proposal via the Snapshot Page.
BIOPset Snapshot Page
To learn more about BIOPset Governance, please visit this link: