Transaction Mining on BIOPset
Incentivizing early adoption and transitioning to a decentralized governance system that successfully distributes ownership to participants are the goals of BIOPset's utilization rewards initiative.

Utilization Rewards In Brief

Every interaction with the BIOPset platform earns BIOP tokens. BIOP rewards may be sold or held or delegated for their voting power.
In BIOP V2, utilization rewards were automatically issued. However, in BIOP V4, utilization rewards must be claimed.
Capturing utilization rewards is also referred to as transaction mining in BIOPset documentation.
Settling and trading rewards are issued per trade. Read more.
Writing rewards are issued based on stake time (compounding every 9th day), usage (more time spend in Collateral Locks more compounding), and stake size. Read more.

Writer Utilization Rewards In Detail

Providing liquidity (or contributing or writing) to the pool is heavily incentivized. Writing utilization rewards are structured so that writers receive BIOP based on 3 factors:
    Stake Time: A Writers reward factor compounds every 9 days. This increases their pending rewards.
    Pool Share Size: A Writers reward factor increases when they represent a larger proportion of the total Writer pool.
    Collateral Locked: A Writers reward factor increases every time any portion of the pool funds is collateral locked to write new options.

Trading Utilization Rewards In Detail

Trading rewards are claims are determined at the creation of each option. They are influenced by the size of the option. Bigger options? Bigger rewards!

Settling Utilization Rewards in Detail

Settling reward claims are determined at the settlement of each option. They are influenced by the number of options pending settlement. More options to settle? More rewards!
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