Selling Options Step-By-Step
Instructions for writing.

Visit and connect your wallet by pressing the “Connect” button.
Choose your provider.

Once your wallet is connected, click on "Earn" in the menu at the top of the screen. This action opens a page for writers to provide liquidity.

Enter the amount of ETH you want to provide (or stake) to the pool.
enter the amount you want to stake

Click on "Stake".
Press button and send a transaction in the wallet to confirm stake
When you stake funds you will receive a message explaining the current lockup period. Don't worry, if you need to access your funds before the period is complete you can, but pay a small fee(1% by default, distributed to everyone else in the pool proportionately) for leaving the other LPs hanging. See here for more information on early withdraw fees.
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Step 1: Connect Your Wallet
Step 2: Open Earn Dialog
Step 3: Enter Liquidity Contribution Amount
Step 4: Stake Desired Funds