Selling Options Step-By-Step
Instructions for writing.

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

Visit and connect your wallet by pressing the “Connect” button.
Choose your provider.

Step 2: Open Earn Dialog

Once your wallet is connected, click on "Earn" in the menu at the top of the screen. This action opens a page for writers to provide liquidity.

Step 3: Enter Liquidity Contribution Amount

Enter the amount of ETH you want to provide (or stake) to the pool.
enter the amount you want to stake

Step 4: Stake Desired Funds

Click on "Stake".
Press button and send a transaction in the wallet to confirm stake
When you stake funds you will receive a message explaining the current lockup period. Don't worry, if you need to access your funds before the period is complete you can, but pay a small fee(1% by default, distributed to everyone else in the pool proportionately) for leaving the other LPs hanging. See here for more information on early withdraw fees.
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