Documentation Guide

A Guide to BIOPset Documentation
Welcome to the Binary Options Settlement Protocol (BIOPset). This guide is prepared for users of the platform that are completely new to options trading and the peculiarities of high-low binary options.


To those new to binary options and decentralized options trading, BIOPset may be overwhelming at first glance. These official documents will serve to demystify the protocol and explain how to benefit from it.
BIOPset documentation is broken into three groups:
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The section on "theory" explains the binary options, decentralized trading, and some design philosophies. Experienced traders may want to skip over this section. That said, consider it required reading for liquidity providers that want to know how yields are generated.
The section on "practice" is a step-by-step user guide. It is updated with changes to the platform, but for the latest information, traders are strongly urged to join the BIOPset Discord community.
The section on "references" contains all the relevant facts about BIOPset and its smart contracts. This section is essential for those building on top of the platform or programmatically interfacing with it.